International Teaching Jobs - Amity Schools in Japan

by Amity Schools in Japan
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International Teaching Jobs - Amity Schools in Japan

Amity schools are exceptional environments.
They are built with a modern design and offer a variety of classes where students can learn new skills in English. Our schools offer Regular Courses that are taught by our Japanese staff and Practical Courses, which are taught by native speakers of English. Our student to teacher ratio is typically three-five with a maximum number of eight students, so we are able to provide students with the most personal attention. We also have multimedia learning centers at the majority of our schools so students are able to learn in dynamic new ways. Finally, students feel comfortable to relax and interact with teachers and students in our inviting reception areas which are filled with useful books, fun toys and creative activities which keep inspiring kids to learn English.

We are interviewing throughout North America at various

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Amity Curriculum

To achieve our high standard, Amity has focused on creating our own innovative curriculum.

We have worked hard to create our own textbooks, storybooks, audiovisual learning tools and multimedia curriculum for use in our schools. We also have an established curriculum selected from the best textbooks, storybooks, workbooks, and multimedia tools ESL publishers have to offer for our native speaking Practical Course. We aspire for the highest professional standards with our curriculum and for our native speaking teaching staff.

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