International Teaching Jobs - ECC English School

by ECC
(Japan Wide)

International Teaching Jobs -- ECC Requires Native English Instructors

Required in April 2011

A full time instructor contract is a five-day workweek with 29.5 hours on location / week. Of the 29.5 hours, approximately 25 hours/week is in-class teaching with the remaining time being spent organizing lessons and assisting staff/students/visitors as directed. There is often additional work available if you would like to supplement your base income - it adds up quickly! A 29.5-hour contract affords you the time to pick up extra money without over extending your energy.


The base salary is 252,000 yen/month . Since all relevant taxes are less than 10% of your income, you can keep the lion's share of your salary - unlike some other countries. See currency conversion/calculator.

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