Internet Vocabulary

Internet Vocabulary - Which words do your students need to know?

When teaching English in Japan, many of your adult students will be involved in some kind of business and much of that will be internet related, especially if they are dealing with foreign customers, or suppliers. So they will need to know the internet "lingo."

Fortunately there are some great resources, available right on the internet, as well as some great textbooks. Contact Cambridge Publishing to see what they recommend.

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Like many teachers, I feel that vocabulary is best learned in context. So the resources listed here should help your students succeed in increasing their "net vocab." which I talk about often, as it is one of my favorite sites on the internet, has many resources for teaching English and some are internet related, like this close exercise for increasing your word knowledge of internet related words.

Internet Slang and Jargon Once your students know the "blab," (which is internet slang for discussion or talk), they can learn more internet jargon and slang and talk, the talk either via chat, by Email or on the telephone.

Internet 101

Is a great vocabulary resource page for your students and you as a teacher. It is located at the English Your studentscan learn some net vocabulary here.

GeekSpeak - Applied English for the Japanese IT Community

Is a site made by my friend John Foster.

John says:

"GeekSpeak is not an English language school. It is a professional service offered by John Foster, professor of E-Commerce at BCIT and Adjunct Faculty at Temple University Japan and principle at Hypersmith Consultants."

Learn more at GeekSpeak

The Internet - Brief Internet Vocabulary

Perhaps more suitable for advanced students is the University of North Florida`s page on "The Internet." They have definitions of .com, Anonymous FTP, DNS (domain name system) and others so your students can converse better about the net and know what they are talking or writing about.

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