Investing your Yen in Cryptocurrencies

by Jonathan Bain
(Tokyo, Japan)

Those people working and living in Japan, often wonder what to do with their money long term.  Here is one man`s story.   

Easiest way to buy and sell Cryptocurrency | Coincheck

Jonathan Bain:
I starting investing in Crypt in May 2017 after a good friend told me about a fascinating new technology. The underlying concept of P2P transactions & blockchain technology is revolutionary & similar to the launch of the internet. My first purchase was 1 BTC at a price of $2,400 which was a scary moment. Since then I have expanded into several other Crypto currencies including ICOs taking a longterm HODL position.

I would personally recommend Vertcoin (VTC) aka the people's coin. It's the true implementation of Satoshi's vision & key point is that it is ASIC mining resistant so cannot be controlled by the big mining companies. This means the average Joe Bloggs on the street can mine it. Something of which I have been doing successfully for several months. It has similar qualities to LiteCoin & people are expecting big things from it in 2018 so get some now!
Another good project to check out is the pillar wallet. They are a community led NPO striving to create the utimate Crypto wallet. They have a massive development base & the project is going places in 2018 when they will launch their first wallet.
Some advice for people:-
1. Don’t play with more than 1% that you can afford to loose
2. Take out your initial investment & profits on a regular basis
3. Crypto is like the wild wild west so buyer beware - Get a decent hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano S & watch out for scams!
Some good reads:-
1. Satoshi Nakamoto-san's white paper on BTC
2. Listen to Wences Casares podcast where he sets of the vision of Crypto
3. The Complete TurtleTrader - Michael Covel II

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