JALT Announcements - February


JALT Announcements - February

(2011 February)

1) Upcoming Events - Averil Coxhead of Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
2) Calls for Papers - JALT Osaka Back to School 2011; The First Extensive Reading World Congress
3) Part-time University Teachers Survey
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Upcoming Events
Dr. Averil Coxhead of Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Feb 25, Nara JALT. Event is followed by dinner (RSVP if you're interested in attending the dinner ASAP to narajalt@gmail.com).
Feb. 26-27, at Temple University Japan - Osaka Center as part of the TUJ Distinguished Lecturer Series http://www.tuj.ac.jp/newsite/main/tesol/osaka/courses/dls_osaka.html#20
Calls for Papers: JALT Osaka Back to School 2011, The First Extensive Reading World Congress

Here are the Call for Papers deadlines for upcoming conferences organised and/or support by JALT

JALT Osaka Back to School 2011: Sun. Apr. 24 at Osaka Gakuin University, co-sponsored with JALT's FLP and TBL SIGs.
The call for presentations submission deadline is March 20 for presentations (25 or 50 min.)
Please see details and guidelines for submissions here http://jalt.org/events/osaka-chapter/11-04-24.
The First Extensive Reading World Congress: February 28, 2011 http://erfoundation.org/erwc1/course/view.php?id=2
JALT 2011: April 22, 2011 http://jalt.org/conference/jalt2011/jalt2011-call-presentations

Part-time University Teachers' Survey

Osaka JALT requests your participation in a part-time university taecehrs' survey.
If applicable, please take about 5-10 minutes to add your data (anonymously), and also pass on to other university hijokin colleagues:


JALT membership now brings added bonuses such as:

- discounted Apple products http://jalt.org/apple

- JALT Word Engine http://jalt.wordengine.jp/

- JALT Forums http://jalt.org/forums/

- JALT Twitter ( tags #JALT, #JALT2011 etc)

- Facebook groups .. there are many please search for JALT

- LinkedIn Group at JALT

and so much more .. we are very pleased to welcome you to JALT in 2011!

Michael Stout
NPO JALT Director of Public Relations

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