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Japan History Katsu Kaishu ‹consummate samurai, streetwise denizen of Downtown Edo, founder of the Japanese navy, statesman par excellence and always the outsider, historian and prolific writer, faithful retainer of the Tokugawa Shogun and mentor of men who would overthrow him ­was among the most remarkable of the numerous heroes of the

(Pictured above, the Abashiri Jail House bath)

Meiji Restoration.

Sakamoto Ryoma was one of the relatively unsung heroes of Japan. Romulus Hillsborough examines the life and times or Ryoma and his contributions to Japan. Ryoma lived during the

Meiji Era.

Japan History - World War 2

The Japanese called this the Pacific War and indeed it was a war of this great big ocean. It pitted two of the greatest navies the world had yet known in mortal battle across this immense expanse of ocean.

America amongst other nations was not pleased about Japan`s invasion of China which started in 1931. By 1941 America had employed sanctions on Japan which were designed to cripple Japan`s economy.

Some of the Japanese leaders proposed to make America pay for this transgression, with what was hoped would be a quick war, that would have America without a navy in the Pacific and at her knees suing for peace with Japan. Presumably, part of the peace settlement would have been that America again agree to sell Japan the resources that she badly needed.

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(Pictured a traditional building in Japan (Photo by Paul Canosa)

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Understanding: Japan History -- Is Language always a big Problem?

S.I.: Yes, it is always a big problem. I really don’t understand why most Japanese museums don’t translate their exhibits explanations into English. Many exhibits never change, so the information only has to be translated one time and it is relevant forever. I often see articles in the news about Japan wanting to be more “international” in order to attract more tourists. But, for example, I recently visited the new Saitama Railway Museum, and there were almost no English translations. Considering the amount of money spent to build and promote the museum, I was surprised and disappointed. Translating is not very expensive; it can even be done for free. Ask a retired Japanese businessman from the local community to help with translation, or work with a high school and make it a project for English class. Almost every Japanese person has studied English for at least 6 years, those with a college education have studied for 10 years. Any museum, hotel, restaurant, or sightseeing spot has the capability to translate necessary information into English. But, very few people take the time to do it. It is a big weak point of Japan.

--from Shizuoka-Guide.com --from Shizuoka-Guide.com


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Romulus Hillsborough has written some great books on Japanese history

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