Japan Jobs: Get a Job Teaching English in Japan

How to Get a Teaching Position in Advance

Japan Jobs -- obtain a job before you come!

There are many ways to get a teaching position before you come to Japan. Some Japanese language schools have links with universities,so check to see if your university has such a relationship.

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There are sister-city programs that offer exchanges of Japanese and citizens of your country. Check to see if your town has a relationship with a Japanese city and can you exploit that for a job?

There are recruiters that hire teachers on behalf of schools in Japan. They advertise their services on the internet and elsewhere. I am frequently given lists of prospective teachers for hire.

Aeon and GEOS recruit from all over the world and especially in North America. While I would recommend a smaller school over them, they are a good place to start for many teachers, and I have known many people who have enjoyed working for the above two companies.

Shane English School recruits through Saxoncourt and you can easily find their website by doing a web search. The link is also here in our Big Schools section. See the jobs that are available now in Japan.

Be sure to check out the schools advertising for job openings here, and check the list of schools we have as well.

Applying to schools on the list could land you a very good job before you come. (Though it is much more difficult to be hired from abroad).

By typing "teach in japan," or "english teaching in japan," at a major search engine like Yahoo or Google will bring up many potential employers and job search sites. If you are going to come without a job. You need to be even more prepared. You can also check out the Greenlist for employment sites. There are many sites where employers advertise for teachers. Other than our site, you may also wish to check out Gaijinpot.com or ELT News.com or Ohayo Sensei. Ohayo Sensei is perhaps the best of these.
Like our site Ohayo Sensei doesn`t charge for employment ads. The result is a lot more employment ads for you to apply to.

If you are well qualified, you have a much bigger chance of being hired from abroad than inexperienced, untrained teachers.

Be sure to take a TEFL class and upgrade your skills if you plan on applying from your home country.

Lastly, maybe it shouldn`t need saying. But before you send your cover letter, resume (CV) and photo, make sure your sentences are grammatically correct and your words are capitalized where appropriate.

Im off-ten sirprized at vat I uv endead up publishinggg on za internat!

It is tough to edit your own work so get a friend to check too.

Indeed this applies to Emails to potential employers too.

You wouldn`t believe some of the Emails I have received from people wanting to teach English over the years.

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Japan Jobs: Don`t give up your Dream

Lastly have a never say die attitude about working in Japan. Don`t give up if you don`t get any responses. Keep pluggingaway at it. Eventually you will be hired.

You may have to come here to be hired but you will be hired.Always believe that and it will happen. Positive peopleare successful at whatever they strive for. From Japan Jobs to International Teaching Jobs

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