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Japan Living

What is it like to live here? We all get that question all the time wherever we go. Here we attempt to answer some of the questions you may have about living in Japan.

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Get the daily weather report for the area you are or will be living in, in Japan.

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(Photo of a pond in Japan by Paul Canosa)

Starting an English School in Japan?

Are you crazy?!!x!! Don`t do it! You have so much life to live!

Sorry!....I just had a short three second nervous breakdown....

I`m okay now.....really!

My Japanese wife and I started our first school in 1991, and now we have three. But we have closed a total of four! Apparently that is pretty common in this business-to open and close different locations. We wished we had known that, before! We talk about what it was like to start our schools and have some interviews of others who have done it. How we started our English schools in Japan.

What Are The Beliefs Of Japanese Buddhism?

Japanese Buddhism is but one branch of a world-wide movement that originates from Asia. In plain words, the history, beliefs, and symbols of Japanese Buddhism explained.

Japan Living -- Martial Arts Insight

Martial Arts Insight provides unique online

perspectives into the fighting arts as forms of

self-defense, to promote health and well-being, as

sports, for personal development and as a way of

life to foster

spiritual enlightenment.

Japan Living: Photo Gallery of Life in Japan

View our photo gallery of life in Japan and teaching or post your own photos. Please post your own photos! We love getting photos of Japan from our readers, and you can show off your photos to the thousands of people who visit this site every month.

Japan Living Videos

See our videos of life in Japan and about teaching. Got a good video? Great! Share it! Show case your talent or just pass on a great video that others should see. See our videos about life here. Nothing echi eh!

Japan Living Humor

You need a good sense of humor to survive in this country for a long time I think! You have to laugh at what life brings you. Especially if it brings you raw, low level forms of bottom dwelling sea life on your plate!

"Waiter, waiter! I didn`t order this! It was that gentleman by the window!"

Need a chuckle?

Waraitai no? (Japanese for: Do you want to laugh?)

I laugh every time I go by the "FAG Motors" dealership near my home. No I don`t live near Brokeback! I can`t even make up some of the things you see that are really, really funny!

If you are not at work, then..... visit our Humor page about life in Japan

Want to hang out with people who live in Japan or are simply interested in Japan? Then check out our award winning forum. Japan Living Forum

Shiro Kuma: More on the Staring Issue

by P & C

Japan Living

It was the spring of 1973 and I had been dating a sweet young girl (who I would later marry) that was attending college in downtown Hiroshima. She was going home for the summer and invited me to come with her.

Pictured: a Kyoto shrine

Have a Japanese apartment or long to live in One?

Poor naive soul!

Do you like cages? Do like piling into a volkswagen to see how many people you can get into it? Do you like futons and pillows with little crackly plastic thingies in them?!

Then you will love living in your Japanese apartment! You will learn that rice is not just a staple food source here it can also be made into a floor. Hence the ancient argument:

"It`s a food item!" "No, it`s a floor covering!"

"It`s a food item!" "No it`s a floor covering!"


"Hey you two, it`s both, a floor covering and a food item."

Learn about Japanese apartments how much the rent is, the color of our favorite cockroaches, and what they come with

(the apartments, not the cockroaches).

More on Life in Japan:

Japanese religion, health, the weather in Japan, and where to get your food, and some of the negatives -- the crime here. Read more about daily life in Japan.

Learning Japanese

I laugh at myself when I think back to the time I thought I could master this very difficult language in one year...

"Ha ha ha!" (Laughs at himself)

Some do master it in a few years but they tend to devote much of their life during that time. I have a tennis backhand I need to work on eh!

Learning Japanese can be quite expensive but it needn`t be. You can do language exchange when you come to Japan and possibly even before that if you live in a large city with Japanese people.

How to learn Japanese for free

before you come to Japan and after.

Entertainment in Japan

There are many kinds of entertainment in Japan including the traditional kinds of theatre and such. This section talks about what most of us miss from home however. For more about the traditional arts here see our Japan Living Magazine, link at the top of this page. For what a lot of us miss check out our Entertainment section here. What can you do for entertainment in Japan?

Pictured: Lanterns in Kyoto

Looking for work? Check out one of our employment pages.

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Japan Living: Cities, what are they like? What is it like to live in one? A friend described them as concrete jungles. There is some truth to that, but there is also a lot of beauty, interest and excitement to the cities of


Japan Living would not be complete without, ah...umh.....Sex, sex, sex,......sex

What is sex like in Japan? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

I had sex three times, don`t mean to brag. We have three children now.

What is it like after being married to a Japanese for many years? Some have described it this way.

Japanese can make great spouses, but you need to recognize that they will love you in a Japanese way. That seems common sense right? But many will forget this in the throws of falling in love with a special Japanese. Then wonder why they don`t kiss you goodbye at the door, kiss you at the station, or throw their arms around you or simply cuddle you.

Things change after marriage. Your spouse will no longer be your boyfriend or girlfriend. In some ways being married is better, but it won`t be the same as when you were going out.

Chris Cutts delves into the Japanese police and how they solve crime. (No Jokes please!)

He examines how they are organized and compares them to the British model of policing. This will be of special interest in view of some of the crimes by Japanese against non-Japanese here. Japan Heat: about crime and the police who try to solve it in Japan.

Japan Living: Friends

Even I have friends! Yes! There are people that love me.

"I`m good enough, I`m smart enough, and by golly people love me!"

On Facebook there are nearly 7 of them. But I digress--and two of them are my brothers and one I have even met. But you don`t need to know that.

You are probably more interested about what Japanese friends are like. Here are some of the people of Japan I have been fortunate to know.

Meeting the Woman of my Dreams

Dad said, "You should think about marrying her." So I did! I met a great lady that I couldn`t part with. I think once you meet a person like that, keep them! Don`t let them go.

Hold onto them like a male dog!

They are worth more than all the gold in Kinkakuji! One sunny day in Vancouver, I met a beautiful Japanese girl, who played tennis, was funny, even laughed at my jokes, (she has a sick sense of humor like me) and she was smart to boot. Once I got my act together, I moved to Kanto to be with the love of my life.

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