Japan needs to Welcome People from other Countries

by Joseph Forsythe
(Calgary, Alberta)

Japan needs to Welcome People from other Countries

by a Calgary Canadian, Joseph Forsythe.

One thing I'd tell P.M. Abe is that this country will have to completely revamp it's attitude towards "outsiders".

With the aging population Japan needs workers from overseas. In addition to letting them into the country they will also have to develop an infrastructure to help them. This would include education and especially language training for adults and children.

If Japan really wants to compete with China, India, etc,etc. this has to happen.

Karl van Wolferen feels Japan is a repressive society and he asks:

"Why are there manga that make fun of the salary man`s life and the frustrations of middle-class Japanese men? Why do so many children hate school? Why are there so many university students who look depressed, bored, and vacant? Why are Japanese women marrying later than any other women in the world? Why are so many of them determined not to marry at all? And why do so many young married women decide not to have any children?"

Wolferen feels it is the result of Japanese society itself, which restricts personal choice.

p. xx Introduction, "Mental Health Challenges Facing Contemporary Japanese Society, The `Lonely People,`" Yuko Kawanishi

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