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Japan Regional Resources

Tokyo Top Guide

interesting facts about Japan,culture of Japan

Japan Living

Our very own guide to living and working in Japan withlively forums on all things related to Japan!

All about living and working in Japan

Kanto Living: all about living in the Tokyo and Kanto area of Japan

Kanto Living: learn about living and working in Japan from those that do!

Kanagawa Living

Learn about working and living in one of Japan`s most interesting areas. Kanagawa boasts the cities of Yokohama, Kawasaki and Odawara, and such tourist sites as Hakone, Shonan and Kamakura. Visit Kanagawa Living

Odawara Living Magazine

Learn all about this beautiful city. On the coast & near the mountains. This is not a boast, just everyday reality for Odawarans.

interesting articles about Odawara and area, some great stories too!

Japan Travel at About.com

Shizuko Mishima has done an excellent job of amassing manyarticles and links to information about Japan and what events are happening.

Best of Japan, Japanesecities, where to stay and more.

Japan National Tourism Organization

It is a beautiful site with a lot of information and photos of Japan.

Japan National Tourism Organization

GaijinBeat Japan Directory

A directory of Japan resources:


Official Tourism Guide for Japan Travel

Japan`s Official Travel Website

Japan Guide

Is a huge site with a lot of information about Japan.

Japan Guide

Tokyo Metropolis

What`s happening in Tokyo Now

Tokyo Metropolis

Japan`s Yellowpages Online--The Townpage

Use the categories or do a search for what you are looking for.

Japan`s Townpage--Yellowpages

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More Japan Related Links at Eikaiwa1