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What I like about Japan

Japan Tourist: What do I like about Japan?

Is it the beautiful mountains? The beauty of the flowers in the spring and summer? The green of the rice fields? Mount Fuji? Kyoto? Is it the raven-haired beauty of the people? Or the taste and elegance of the food? Is it something more simple like a hotspring bath after a day of skiing? There are so many things that make me love Japan. A song by Yumi Matsutoya?

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Pictured: Zushi Marina by Richard Baladad

When you travel Japan you forget yourself. You become one with the gurgle of the stream and your pace slows to that of the golden carp. Perhaps that is what I like best. Most people don`t get to see what I am talking about. They stick to the train routes and they see what everyone else sees, be it the gaudy pachinko parlors or the sprawl of the ugly cities. Yet there is a lot of beauty here if you know where to look. I have lived and travelled Japan for many years now. Profit from our experience by learning where to go and what to see on these beautiful isles.

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Pictured: Sunset in Mita by Richard Baladad

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