Japan Weather

Japan Weather

Japan is an amazingly long country so the weather can vary widely between Hokkaido in the far north to Kyushu and Okinawa in the south.

Moreover, the mountain areas have much different weather than coastal regions.

It might be snowing in the mountains but be rather balmy and pleasant on the coast, or mild in Tokyo but blizzard conditions in Hokkaido, and at the same time people are walking the beach pleasantly in Okinawa.

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Pictured: Trees in Shinjuku by Richard Baladad

Kyushu is comparable to the Mediterranean in climate whereas Tokyo area is perhaps like San Francisco minus the fog.

The summers of Japan tend to be hot and humid--very humid!

The spring and fall are pleasant with more quite a few days of rain. The winters tend to be cold and dry with a lot of snowin the mountains and in Hokkaido and Tohoku (northern Honshu).

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