Japan Work Visa

Japan Work Visa: Americans cannot get a working holiday visa,so they need a work visa. How should Americans go about getting a Japan work visa to teach English in Japan?

Work Visa for non-Americans, how to Increase your Chances of Being Hired Quickly?

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If possible, get a Working Holiday Visa!

This is the best visa I feel for anyone under 31, as it is very flexible and employers love it! They love it as they don`t have to do much paperwork to hire you. You have the visa already.

The citizens of the following countries can secure a working holiday visa to come to Japan:

Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Republic of Korea, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

"The Working Holiday Scheme is intended to promote a greater mutual understanding between our respective countries, and to broaden the international outlook of our young people. The Working Holiday Scheme makes it possible for citizens of one country to enter the other country for an extended holiday while encouraging in temporary employment in order to supplement their travel funds."

--Japan Association of Working Holiday Makers

Pictured: Maeda Point in Japan From Japan work visa to How to teach English in Japan (home) According to the Japanese consulate in Vancouver, you can secure a working holiday visa in as little as three days!

A treaty was negotiated between these countries and Japan that allowed for the creation of this visa. This visa allows Australians, Kiwis and Canadians, to name but three, to work in Japan for 12 months and it can be renewed in some cases or switched to another visa after it expires in many cases. Often this kind of visa is secured for work as an English teacher, or for other work such as working in a hotel or a restaurant to name but a few.

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