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by How to teach English in Japan
(Kanto, Japan)

Japanese Mom, Kaori Sasaki comments on bringing up children in Japan:

"When my elder child entered 10th grade, the coach for one of her extracurricular activities told her not to plan family trips so she could devote time to that activity during the summer vacation. One way of looking at this rule is that the school is teaching children not to spend time with their families so that when these young people start working for a corporation, they accept long working hours."

--Kaori Sasaki, President of UNICUL International (p. 348 "Reimagining Japan" Viz Media, LLC)

Japanese Mom - an Interview of Atsuko Nakamura

Atsuko Nakamura is a Japanese mom of a couple of grown up daughters and she studies poetry and modern literature at Hosei University in Japan. She is one of the nicest Japanese you can ever meet too! She`s a great lady and was my student in an English class in Kanagawa.

(Japanese Mom Photo: a farm in Kaisei Town)

Where do you teach English and what is it like teaching there?

I teach English at the elementary schools and the preschools.I like to see what children are happy with playing games and singing songs in English.I hope they will find interest in learning English.

What ages are the students?

They are four to twelve years old.

What advice do you have for new teachers who would like to teach English in Japan?

Basically children like to communicate to teachers but sometimes they seem to be very shy or unsociable.Because they don't know how to communicate with you.Please be patient until they find a way.

What is difficult about living in Japan do you think?

I don't think it is difficult to live in Japan.People accept you when you accept Japanese.Try to be open-minded and they will be open-minded.

Above all, the food is great and the communities are safe in Japan.

Enjoy living in Japan!

What would you like to tell non-Japanese (foreigners) about Japan or about living in Japan?

The answer is the same as the above. If I can say further,Japanese tend not to be good at expressing themselves.But they are diligent and honest. Please keep communicating saying,"~san, konnichiwa."

And also each city government has a system to support foreigners, so you can ask them anything.

What should non-Japanese do or see to get a true experience of Japan?

Mix with your community where you live and you will learn some from daily lives,through taking out the garbage,separating recyclables or attending summer festival etc.

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