Japan's Independent Network of English Schools (ジネス)

by Japan's Independent Network of English Schools (ジネス)
(Osaka, Japan)

June, 2012

Japan's Independent Network of English Schools (ジネス)

Local Eikaiwa Update

Assistance for new Eikaiwa owners.
Recently we have had a number of calls to the Jines office from people looking for assistance in establishing their new eikaiwa with the most common question being the best way to promote their new school.

After some good discussion and always pointing out that this can be a case by case basis depending on any number of factors we thought it would be a good idea to ask all schools what they think is the most productive tool for school promotion.

To do this we have added an online poll to our Facebook page asking everyone;

Which promotional tool for your school is most productive?

This poll does not require any school details to vote so please take the time to go to the link and give us what you think is most useful.

Just go to www.facebook.com/JapansEikaiwaNetwork

Hopefully this will be helpful to new eikaiwa owners and perhaps we will add a few more school polls in the future to search out a few more ideas on our industry.

Thanks for your participation.

Education News from Japan

Poverty stalks the land — and its long-term victims will be today's young
Open any Japanese newspaper, listen to radio, watch television or keep tabs on any other form of media, social or otherwise, and you are bound to find references to this country's "rapidly aging society."

Ministry plans to use TOEFL on univ. exams
The Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry said tuesday it plans to utilize TOEFL and other proficiency tests in its retooling of university entrance examinations.

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