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2013 Newsletter (Winter)

To all JINES Members a Happy New Year! We hope 2012 finished well and that 2013 has started with a bang.

In 2013 we expect to see some interesting (and perhaps controversial) changes to our industry as the year moves along.

Already there were many changes to English language education in Japan in 2012 and there its no reason to feel that 2013 will be any different.

We have a new government in power, a new Prime Minister and a new Education Minister, Mr. Hakubun Shimomura, so things are bound to change.

Previously on the Facebook page we have covered topics as diverse as;

Toru Hashiomoto implementing English for E1~6 in Osaka schools,
Berlitz management agreeing to end their industrial dispute with the union,
Bullying in schools,
Japans declining population and decreasing students studying abroad,
Eikaiwa teachers salaries and the future for the industry and
Technology in the classroom, plus much, much more.

So we will continue to endeavor to bring all the latest news and views through the Facebook website and try and keep you up to date on things in Japan.



Great News

It was wonderful to hear the news that the JALT School Owners SIG was officially voted into existence in 2012.

Congratulations must be sent to Matthew Reynolds (English-Please!) for all his dedication and hard work to see this SIG materialize.

Congratulations must also be given to Tony Brace (UKPlus Osaka) and Malcolm Harding (CKEducation) for being appointed Membership Chair and Treasurer respectively.

Keep up the good work!


Time to update your information for 2013

There is no time like now to update your information for 2013.

Many of us have new schedules, new classes and perhaps new events to pass on to prospective students.

So why not take 10-minutes to update your information on the JINES website. Add a photo or logo, list your school fees or introduce a new teacher, its easy.

All of this is free of charge and well worth the effort. Just go to the following link and enter your username and password.



A call for members

Many of us are very busy and do not always have the time to participate in outside organizations such as JALT. But most of us still continue to be members.

But there is also another worthy organization to be a member of if you fit the criteria.

The Japan Association of College English Teachers (JACET) is a very good organization to be involved with.

There are local chapters in most areas throughout Japan in addition to the central committee and all JACET events are very worthwhile to attend.

So if you have the chance please visit http://www.jacet.org/index.html and become a member.

We hope to hear from you in 2013.

Network Administrator
Japan's Independent Network of English Schools - ジネス
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Higashi Osaka-shi
Osaka, JAPAN 579-8058

Web: www.jines.jp
Skype: jinesadmin
Facebook: www.facebook.com/JapansEikaiwaNetwork

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