Kevin`s English Schools Opens online Souvenir Clothing Shop

by Kevin R Burns
(Machida, Tokyo)

Kevin`s English Schools is a chain of Canadian schools in Kanto Japan: Machida, Minamiashigarashi and Odawara area. KES was founded in 1991 by the founder of the Tokyo Comedy Store, Kevin Burns. Burns learned what he could from teaching at various institutions in Japan and started KES in the summer of 1991. His Japanese wife Ikumi was an integral partner in the venture. KES has taught thousands of students from children to seniors, and from company employees at GS Yuasa, Kasei Optonix, Mitsubishi Chemical, Fuji Kiki, Sony, Morohoshi Sangyo, Minamiashigara City Hall, to Fuji Photo Film.


Pictured: Shanaya Burns


Now Burns has started an online store which sells souvenir goods from Kevin`s English Schools. If you are a former teacher, or current or former student, you can show your pride in English study, by buying some snazzy outfit at the Online Shop!

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