Kevins English Schools

Kevins English Schools, operates two schools in Minamiashigara City, Kanagawa.

Kevin`s English Schools is one of the few Canadian owned schools in Japan.

If you live in our area or are going to be, we sometimes need part-time teachers, so contact us if you are interested.

You must live in our area.

We have schools in Machida and Minamiashigara City in Kanagawa.

"This is a real job!"

Kevins English Schools, Serving Japan Since 1991


Our first school was established in 1991. We had up to four schools and over 200 students. We now have one school and two branches in Minamiashigara City in Kanagawa, Japan and teach between 20-30 students.

I do most of my teaching at Tokai University so had to downsize my business. We have one part-time teacher, Robert Hill.

Many schools in Japan are huge corporate enterprises, literally hiring a thousand teachers per year. Sometimes small is better!

We have a few teachers in very homey schools. We care about our students and teachers and from that attitude, we make money. We realize that the former leads to the latter.

In our schools it is common to find wooden tables and chairs. It helps to give the feeling of coziness we strive for. Teachers and students seem to enjoy the difference.

Kevin Burns and his wife Ikumi are both teachers. Ikumi not only teaches at a local junior high school but she is the co-manager of KES as well. Kevin teaches at KES, and Tokai University in Kanagawa. Kevin also co-manages with Ikumi.

Ayako Sugai is our assistant manager and manages our store too. We sell used goods (we have a flea market). The store is on the first floor of our Tsukahara School, across from the FujiSupa (Supermarket).

Pictured top: Nora with students

Pictured: I think this guy is just a cutie! I want to give him a big hug!

Our school photos:

Our classrooms are designed to be very homey with a lot of wood. We feel it adds to the atmosphere. As well one of our schools our Anne school is an actual Victorian house imported from Canada. All the materials were pre-cut in Cloverdale, BC then shipped and assembled on site in Japan.

Our Tsukahara School looks like an old General Store. The classroom too has an old west feel to it. Of course it has wooden tables too!

Be sure to check out our Japanese site about our schools. There are a lot of photos of classes in action plus maps and more about our staff and information about our Machida English School in the Kogasaka area of


Feeling talkative about teaching English in Japan or about Kevin`s English Schools? You can post or read the posts and articles at our forum. We share the forum with How to Teach English in Japan.

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(Kevins English Schools Photo: Our "Anne" School in Minamiashigara Shi)