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Teaching spelling to kids is not actually one’s cup of tea. Spelling has always been a weak point in not only kids, but also with adults learning and using English. Instead of just giving dictations you can help them enjoy learning spelling with the help of some kids spelling games.

by Aarti Thomas

Spelling games hopefully help motivate them to learn spelling. While playing these games it is a good idea to emphasize how important it is to master the correct spelling of words.

In fact, the spelling games that involve physical activities are even better as kids always love a combination of physical exertion with mental exertion. Even games that encourage exploration and "meaning making" are a hit with kids.

Some teachers are of the impression that incorporating too much fun - in the form of spelling games does not help with the learning process. However this is incorrect, as on the contrary, there are many advantages of using these games in classrooms. There is empirical evidence to back this up if you wish to find it. A simple search at google should suffice.

Benefits of using spelling games

First and foremost, spelling games form a welcome break for the kids (and for you as a teacher!) from the usual routine of learning. Everyone needs a break sometimes and though the games are fun, there is still a lot of learning involved. Indeed research has shown that our brains respond to pleasure. So reinforce the previously taught phonics and spelling with some games.

Spelling games serve a dual purpose. They not only help a child improve their spelling skills, but also help students interact and build cohesion in the classroom as long as you keep the atmosphere light. As the teacher, you have much influence over this.

While you can create and think of your own spelling games, there are various sites on the internet offering spelling games for you to use to teach spelling to your students.

Just type the word ‘kids spelling games’ in your browser, and you will be presented with a formidable list of kids spelling games to choose your preferred game from. I recommend google to search for these games.

Here are some to get you started:

Kids Spell

Has a lot of spelling games including games for younger children with shorter words. Spellasaurus is a fun gamefor the kids.

A-Z Worksheets

Has some great spelling worksheets by grade. The whole family is involved in making this website! They take pride in providing great educational materials for free! Check out their free Spelling Worksheets.


Offers a good spelling match game that has different levels basedon grade. Just click on the appropriate grade of your students. Play Spelling Match

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