Language House in Japan

by Sheff

Teach in Japan

I taught English in Japan for two years and LOVED it. Had a great boss, great students and a beautiful apartment. The two things I see different between China and Japan are that Japan is much cleaner and the people know HOW to drive.

Teach in Japan -- Cost of Living

Japan is a bit more expensive, but the quality of the goods is far superior. I still have some of the clothes I bought there four years ago and they're still in good shape. And if you use your head for more than a hat rack, you can find great stuff at reasonable prices.
If the company is still running (the owner was talking retirement) try to contact Language House on Shikoku Island.

The only reason I left was the contracting company wanted a change of instructors - an understandable request after having the same one for two years.
I'm actually considering going back if I see the right offer.

...Like anything else, this teaching English has the good, the bad and the ugly. Teaching for Language House in Japan belongs in the GOOD category as far as I am concerned. Other opinions may differ (and some do)but to each his own.

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