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On Language House Shikoku

One of the writers for How to Teach English in Japan has worked for Language House Shikoku for a number of years and enjoyed it.

(Pictured: Negoroji by Devanshe Chauhan)

However Language House has schools in many areas of Japan, not just Shikoku, and I have found many positive reports from teachers who have actually taught for them.

(The only negative reports I have found have been from people who appear to have never worked for Language House.) So beware!

Language House specializes in commercial English lessons. They teach mostly English but French, Russian, Spanish and Chinese as well.

The teachers live where Language House has many clients and the teachers teach at these companies. Learn more about Language House Shikoku from their very informative website.

Language House Shikoku - Living Conditions

"The teachers live wherever we have clusters of clients. Our clientele are spread along the Inland Sea coast of Shikoku. The towns and cities where we teach are Takamatsu, Sanbonmatsu, and Marugame (Kagawa Prefecture), Niihama and Matsuyama (Ehime Prefecture), Tokushima and Anan (Tokushima Prefecture). Takamatsu is 2 hours by train from Osaka via Okayama, or 3 hours by highway bus (4 from Kansai Airport). From Tokyo, Takamatsu is just under 5 hours by train or 1 hour by plane. Tokushima is 1 hour from Kobe by highway bus. Matsuyama is 2 hours from Hiroshima by ferry, and 2.5 hours from Takamatsu by train."

--from the Language House website

Have you or a friend ever taught at Language House Shikoku?

Do you know about what it is like to teach at this school? Share your story!

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More On Teaching at Language House Japan

A former teacher, Sheff, taught for them, for two years and recommends

Language House in Japan.

From the Gaijinpot Forum:

Re: Language House

I have a good friend in our city who works for Language House.

If you'd like, I can put you in touch with him.

He just inked a new contract after one of the other teachers quit. He was able to negatiate a new car including maintenance, better pay and although a few more hours every day, more Saturday's off. He says it's a great company.

He came to Japan from New York with $2000US and found the job through this website about 6 months ago. --Gaijinpot Forum

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