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There are some great ways to learn Japanese and many of them are free.

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Of course studying at a good Japanese language school is a great idea. And you can do that online, in Japan, or in some of the major cities abroad before you come and many of the websites are free!


Andrew Playford wrote to us about his service that matches people for language exchange. His message:

My name is Andrew Playford - founder of http://LingoMatch.com - the platform that connects people in cities around the world for language or cultural exchange.

I was hoping you would consider LingoMatch as an excellent resource on your site for the users to find local language exchange partners.

Once in Japan check out some of the friend finder and language exchange sites to find a language exchange partner. Speaking Japanese with a friend will really help your fluency. Study Japanese offers many ways to study for free.

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The Japan Foundation found that many non-Japanese like to learn Japanese because they enjoy anime and manga. So this got them to thinking. They have made a website that reminds me of the old Japanese manga study magazine called "Mangajin." Visit Anime-Manga.jp if you love these types of entertainment and study Japanese for that purpose, or would like to study Japanese through manga.

It seems like a great idea! Those textbooks sure get dry after a while.

They have English translations of the manga, so it is a great way to learn colloquial Japanese.

Another great way to learn Japanese and a number of languages is by using Cerego. There are a variety of activities and you can even choose what you want to study. It is all free! Check out Cerego and you can even create your own courses based on what you want to study.
Smart FM is great. The name is strange--nothing to do with FM radio but check it out. I love this site!


Webjapanese has some free lessons as well as lessons you must pay for. Check this site out.

Lang-8 is a journal writing site


Edufire: you can learn one on one or take a group lesson online.


iTunes has a compilation of Japanese lessons. For Japanese grammar check out Guide to Japanese.org

A wiki for Japanese grammar can be found at JGram.org

What should you do before coming to Japan?

There are many first steps one should take before coming to this country to teach English. What are the first steps?

Kevin and Aaron team up to give us free Japanese lessons. The kind of Japanese you are longing to speak after you first arrive, but can`t because most of the textbooks are still teaching you the Japanese you don`t need yet.

Visit ispeak-Japanese and get some free lessons

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