Lego Books

by Cheema Beckham and Kevin Burns

Lego Books: Learn With Fun

When teaching children to read, it is important that they have an interest in the material.

Books and Lego are similar in their methodology as the basic aim of both of these items is learning. However Lego books have an edge over conventional books because they help your child in learning while having a lot of fun too.

Lego makes sure that the kids not only enjoy their products, but they also gain knowledge with them. These interesting books published by Lego contain a variety of books ranging from comics to encyclopedias.

We just got "Lego Star Wars, The Visual Dictionary," from our friend Chris Zanella. It is a beautiful book, and if you loveLego, or love Star Wars, or love both! Then you must get it!The Mos Eisley photo and article alone, make the book worthwhile!

Lego is the most popular brand all over the world with the young children and toddlers. When kids see these colorful books, they show inclination to read and learn. This is a really important point! We need to appeal to our children, to help them realize the fun of reading. Because of the color of these books, before even opening the first page, they develop an instantaneous liking for the book, which in turn gives a colossal boost to their learning capabilities.

One of the best series available at Lego is the “Bionicle Series”. It includes a series of Bionicle legends and a Bionicle encyclopedia. Bionicle fans must be thankful to Lego for publishing the books. They are just like comics; in fact much better. Our friend Steve Brown, better known as STAN! knowsthe author of the Bionicle stories, Greg Farshtey. I hope we can meet him one day.

As already said, Lego developers make sure that children learn from their products, thus they have made a separate range of books “Learn with Lego”. This series has books such as “The Zoo”, which contains interesting information about animals as well as their gorgeous illustrations.

Another book named “My Town” has all the information regarding different people living in the town and their respective jobs/duties. It tells the toddlers about various occupations. Again, with beautiful pictures, children learn very quickly and they enjoy as well.

From colors to counting and farms to trains, you can easily find Lego books about anything. It would not be a difficult thing to select your child`s first book by Lego, because they all are equally good. So you can begin with any of these magnificent books and subsequently buy all of them for your child. These books are especially great for the children who have just started going to school.

The recent “Exo-Force” series is yet another leap in providing quality entertainment for the kids.

If you have a kid of age 7 or less, then Lego books would be one of the best choices for teach him. He will definitely learn much faster than by many other methods. These books by Lego are good for laying a strong foundation for their learning in subsequent years.

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