Lego Creator

by Cheema Beckham

Lego Creator, which of the Creator models do you like the most?

5868 Ferocious Creatures, 5892 Sonic Boom, or 5893 Off-road Power?

I like them all, but there is something about ferocious creatures that gets my imagination going. How about you?

What is Creator?

It used to be known as "Make and Create." It is a Lego theme. Creator now comes in sets like dinosaurs, robots, cars and even animals. Hence the ferocious creatures mentioned above.

The current themes are as follows:

Architecture • Atlantis • Kingdoms • City • Creator • Duplo • Harry Potter • Hero Factory • Games • Indiana Jones • Mindstorms • Minifigures • Modular Houses • Pirates • Power Miners • Prince of Persia • Racers • Space • Star Wars • Technic • Toy Story • Trains

Lego Ideas – A Great Educational Tool for Your Child’s Development

Do not make the mistake of thinking that Lego is just a pastime. Toys play a major role in boosting imagination and creativity in children. Using Lego will have a huge impact on the development and growth of your child.

This is why you should check out the new ideas on a regular basis. Here are the top six methods where you can use Lego ideas to help your child grow and develop skills faster. The first three are by regularly checking our Blog and Forums at the links listed on our Lego Ideas page. Need some Lego Ideas?

Lego Projects - A Great Way to Add Some Lego to Your Daily Routine

Do you feel that projects to do with Lego, are grand and fancy but of no utility what-so-ever? Do you feel that such projects result in a huge waste of time because nothing ever productive comes out of them? Well, there is nothing stopping you from coming up with some projects that actually make a difference to your daily life.

There are all kinds of Lego projects The best ones will be the projects you come up with yourself. These are the ones after all, that have special meaning for you!

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Oct 30, 2015
Lego ideas NEW

Great educational opportunity. Despite this I think kids are not disposed to education when they are playing with lego. They don't learn if we mean the rough process with understanding. They do learn different easy things, especially with tengible objects.

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