Lego Education

by Kevin R Burns
(Kanagawa, Japan)

Lego Education: using Lego as a learning tool.

I think Lego is great for helping children to bring out their creativity, it fertilizes the imagination, teaches fine motor skills, problem solving, and more. I think Lego may be responsible for some of the great architects and engineers, not to mention scientists and robot designers we have around the world.

Lego has helped to inspire braille learning materials as has been outlined at our site.

I feel it can be used in schools, for school projects, and what we can see at the various Lego lands and elsewhere is, that what you can build with Lego is only limited by your imagination.

Lego Education and Home Schooling

I think can be used in the home schooling environment too. You can assign your children projects for building design, art, or even a history, social studies or science project.

Historical buildings can be reconstructed with Lego, and even Lego robots can be made for a science project.

It really is a very flexible and worthwhile educational toy or tool.

Educational Resources

Educating the children is always a challenge but a worthwhile one.I love the idea of Lego as it get kids away from the TV, away from the computer and away from the game console. I also encourage my own children plus the children I teach to read books.

Teaching Reading Fundamentals to Children

Teaching reading to your kids by making it fun and enjoyable is a powerful way to spark a love of learning that will spur them on to success throughout their school years and beyond. How do you teach children to read and make it fun?

Kid Friendly Homeschool Curriculum

Offers homeschooling curriculums and resources. They have help for grammar, spelling, math and a classic literature section too. They also have a writing contest that I encourage the children here to enter. Visit Kid Friendly Homeschool Curriculum

Lego Education


Geometry as a subject studies the shapes, size andposition of 2-dimensional shapes and 3-dimensionalfigures. The Geometrical Formulas site offers adetailed insight into this very interestingsubject which is used by one and all in our day to day life.
See Geometrical Formulas

Lego Education

One problem in Japan where we live, is that the Educational system is a standardized test based one. It leads to cramming and unfortunately, a lack of creativity. I don`t feel you can teach creativity, rather you bring it out through activities. One of course is through Lego--designing your own buildings or what have you. Another great creative activity is drawing. I constantly encourage my own children to draw and incorporate drawing activities in all my English classes from kindergarten to university.

One of our children didn`t do as well as we had hoped in his Japanese class. We feel he needs to read more, and perhaps because he has done a lot of reading and worksheets in English, he got 100% on his term exam. So we were happy with his English class results and for that reason, and the value or reading I recommend A-Z Worksheets.

A-Z has thousands of elementary worksheets. Take a look at their left nav bar for hundreds of easy Math Worksheets that can go with any creative elementary school or homeschooling Lego education!

Education - Beyond Lego

You can of course use Lego to depict scenes from American history and other contexts. A club in the UK even depicted a whole scene from Star Wars including working vehicles and more.

What do you and your children know about American History?

When the United States Constitution was formed tenamendments were added at the start. These arecollectively the Bill of Rights. Every since theBill of Rights was drafted in the late eighteenthcentury they have stood the test of time in orderto give all Americans the general ................

Cheat Proof English Grammar Test Worksheets

Cheat-proof English Grammar Test Worksheets

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The Attraction of Lego for Parents

Indeed part of the attraction of Lego for parents, is a way to stay close to their children as they grow and learn; and of course to be a positive influence on them as they do this. Lego can be a way to educate, and a way to keep kids out of trouble. It encourages creativity, perseverance and a feeling of belonging if you do it together.

The Gang of Mom and Dad understands this. They attempt to do the same with children, but in this case, keep them out of, or get them out of street gangs.

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