Lego in Canada & Japan

by Sennah and Kevin Burns
(Kanagawa, Japan)

Lego in Canada & Japan

by Sennah Burns & Kevin Burns
(Kanagawa, Japan)

Recently my family and I went to Vancouver, and of course
we went to many stores to check out the lego there. We
went to Toys `r Us and some smaller toy stores.

In Canada:

In Canada they have: Lego Mindstorm,Lego Kingdom,Lego Indiana Jones, and Lego Pirates. In Canada they don`t have so much Lego Star Wars.

Lego is a little cheaper in Canada than in Japan.

In Japan:
In Japan there is a lot of Lego Star Wars,Lego Indiana Jones,and Lego Kingdom. In Japan they don`t have anything like Lego Mindstorm.

Lego in Canada

by Kevin Burns

Lego is very popular in Canada. You can find it in various stores including Toys `r Us. However Star Wars Lego is not as popular in Canada as it is in Japan. In the Land of the Rising Lego, Star Wars sets are still sold here and still hold the interest of the kids.

As well as Lego -- Mega Blocks are made and sold in Canada. Is is popular in Vancouver. You can find some Mega Blocks sets in Japan but Lego is much more popular easily obtainable.

In Japan there are bricks called Dyablock. They are somewhat popular, and like Megablocks they make sets that are not available through
Lego. ie) Dyablock often depicts Japanaese trains, Japan`s parliament building (the Diet Building), and some other typically Japanese themes not covered by the other companies.

It is worth checking out Megablocks and Dyablock if you haven`t yet.

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