Lesson Plan - Making Small talk Before a Business Meeting

by Kevin R Burns
(Kanagawa, Japan)

Lesson Plan - Making Small talk Before a Business Meeting

1.) Introductions – introduce ourselves

2.) With your partner, write down 10 questions to ask someone you have just met.
(You have 5 minutes.)

3)Stone, Paper, Scissors!

4)Introduce yourself, then ask questions (rotating pairs)

5) Pair Practice – More Questions

6) Brainstorming: What are some questions we shouldn`t ask a new friend? (someone we have just met prior to a meeting)

7) Assign Homework:

Next Class – Test: Write 10 Questions to ask a new friend, and write your answers to these questions. ie) Where are you from? I`m from Vancouver, Canada.
(What`s your name? Cannot be one of your questions!)

8) Valentine`s Day in Canada – Talk
Students take notes (a memo)

9) Pairs: Students tell each other what I said.

10) Whole Class: Students tell me what I said.

11) Optional: If we don`t have enough time, students can write about what I said about Valentine`s Day and hand it in as homework next class.

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