Lesson Planning Part 2

by Sophia McMillan
(Shane Training Centre, Tokyo)

Lesson Planning Part 2

∗ Practice: Include the specific activities and materials. Ideally up to three practice activities – from most to least structured – giving the learners more freedom would be included.

∗ Production: This is where learners really learn and generalize a new language skill. Allow/encourage them to talk about themselves, their lives, or specific situations using their own information – but focusing on the target language – and practiced in the previous activities. Include exactly what you will ask them to do – and that you intend to monitor and encourage and correct them as needed in their use of the target language.

∗ Round-Up: Discuss/recap what has been studied and learnt during the lesson. This might be followed by a game that uses the target language.
Many experienced teachers write only minimally structured lesson plans as they will have developed a set routine for how they approach each lesson. New teachers should develop the habit of writing detailed lesson plan for at least the first six months to a year. This will require some real discipline, but it will pay off in terms of skill development over time.
After every class take some time to sit down and reflect on what went well, what did not go as well as anticipated and how things could be improved. This will help refining skills and personal development. If you save every lesson plan, it can save planning time if you teach a certain book repeatedly, you’ll find you need only a little polish on the lesson drawing from your reflective notes.

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·         Bio: Sophia McMillan is the Training Manager / TESOL Course Director at Shane Training Centre, Shane Corporation Ltd, Japan. A training centre dedicated to promoting and fostering teacher development and the only Trinity accredited training centre in Japan.

Sophia McMillan Training Manager/TESOL Course Director Shane Training Centre, Shane Corporation Ltd

Sophia McMillan is the Training Manager / TESOL Course Director at Shane Training Centre, Shane Corporation Ltd, Japan. The only Trinity accredited centre in Japan and dedicated to promoting & fostering teacher development.

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