Living in Japan

Living in Japan, is an amazing experience, that will change you!

What is a Japanese apartment like?

To make living here fun and not unbearable, you need a decent if not a nice place to live. Where you live of course, makes a huge difference in how you feel about wherever you live, but especially in a foreign country like Japan. Your Japanese apartment should be as much of an oasis as you can make it.

A Japanese apartment is different from what you can expect back home. The amenities are few if any. You will need to furnish it from the top down, including the light fixtures!

Dollar Shops and Thrift Stores in Japan

Don`t worry about this too much, as the best dollar shop in the world is Japanese, it is called Daisou. As well there are many thrift shops everywhere, in Japan they are called (recycle shop said with Japanese pronunciation: "riisaikuru shaapu." I have a fridge and Sanyo TV that we bought from a recycle shop 20 years ago, and they still work! You can buy almost everything cheaply from a recycle shop, then sell it when/if you leave Japan.

As my friend Steve said, "Japan is the best country in the world for buying used things, they are well taken care of and often they are brand new - they are used in name only."

Tokyo Apartment

Many who are planning on living in Japan are concerned about what sort of apartment can they expect to get and how much rent will they have to pay. Learn more about apartments in Japan and other aspects

of your Tokyo apartment.

Lenkowski talks about Teaching & His Life in Japan

Todd Lenkowski is married to a lovely Japanese lady, and talks about living in Japan, teaching, and owning his own English school. He has advice for people who want to teach in Japan.

Living in Nagoya

I lived here for 6 months when I first came to Japan. Nagoya is a city of wide boulevards and a little bit slower paced than Osaka or Tokyo. I joined an international soccer team and made many friends from not only Japan, but Europe and even Jordan.

Living in Nagoya Is fun in many ways. You can go out to Inuyama and other places of interest quite easily.

The Japanese Police

While living in Japan you may wonder about the police.

Who are they and what makes them tick? Chris Cutts examines how the police are organized and how they fight crime. Japan Heat, Chris Cutts discusses the Japanese police

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Whenever you live in another country you have to be concerned about your health and the standard of health care. Japan`s ranks amongst the highest in the world, and the health insurance program should be trumpeted at the UN. It is a great system with often 70% of your health care paid for! My wife wants me to use my health insurance more. Does she want me to get sick? Don`t answer that! But be sure to read up on Japanese health insurance before you come.

What is the weather like in Japan

My father felt Kanto was like San Francisco without the fog. Vancouver feels warmer to me than Tokyo in the winter? Or am I dreaming? Find out at our page about Japanese weather: what is the climate like here?

Foods of Japan

Japan is famous for many things and one of them is her food! It is good and healthy too! The Japanese in general and the Okinawans in particular are two of the longest lived people in the world. Many medical professionals suspect it has to do with the diet. You will enjoy the food in Japan.

What of Japanese Religion?

You ask. The traditional religion is Shinto but Buddhism is popular here. Japanese often have a Shinto wedding and a Buddhist funeral. They tend to remember their wedding more than their own funeral, and take more pictures of the former than the latter! What is Buddhism like in Japan?

Living in Japan: Crime

The Bosozoku

The Bosozoku of Japan, are the bike gangs that drive around very slowly and rev their engines. Their motorcyles are especially equipped to make them noisier. As the weather warms up, the riders come out in small groups to ride around the town. Numbers have dwindled of late. In Kaisei Town, a community not far from my home, a tragedy occurred.

Furikome Sagi

Furikome Sagi is the amazing telephone crime that occurs in Japan. The value in yen that the culprits take every year is truly astounding. It is a shame that such obviously brilliant minds devote themselves to crime. If only we could channel these creative yet jaded ones into positive activities in Japan.

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Japanese Lifestyle--Living in Japan

I am often shocked at the news coming from Vancouver. When I left over twenty years ago now, violent crime that made the newspaper anyway, was rare, and shocking the few times it seemed to occur. Now the crimes I read about shock me, not only in terms of how often they happen, but the nature and hideousness of the violence.

I still love Vancouver, it is my hometown, but I am very happy to be bringing my children up in a comparatively much safer small city in Japan.

One sunny day (Japan has many of them), I was sitting and thinking about how my life might have been different had I settled in rainy, overcast Vancouver as opposed to moving to the sunshine of Kanto. I wrote this article and it was originally published in The Vancouver Sun. In Quest for a Better Lifestyle I examine how much my life is actually like a great Canadian life.

What to Bring before living in Japan?

This question is often asked at the forum. See what our experts recommend you bring before you start living in Japan. Tooth brush...check...underwear....check....favorite blanky...check....teddy bear....check

Why did I choose to live in Japan?

My brother was like and English teacher resource for novice teachers and he encouraged me to go to Japan. I planned on staying one year, but I have lived almost half my life here now.

Coming to Japan with Children?

Then you need to check out the stain guide. Or maybe you should anyway as your friend Harvey or Bob may be accident prone as well and it is tough to read the cleaning labels on cleaning products in Japan. The stain guide can help you with your DIY cleaning jobs.

Stain removal advice for almost every spot known to man! Solutions are offered for clothes, fabrics, carpets and upholstery.

Anderson`s Anecdotes:

A Strange Foreigner`s Take On Life In Japan

A Veteran Teacher`s Advice To Those New To Japan

I have lived in Japan for a long time-almost half my life-and have hopefully gained some insight from my experience working and living in this fascinating country. Here are some ideas which will, hopefully, be useful for those who are new to the Japan teaching scene.

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What advice would you give to people who want to make the most of their lives in Japan?

"Make genuine friends, but I guess that’s true wherever you go, but particularly so here, I’ve found. In most areas you will stand out, be objectified and there will likely be a recognizable effort to avoid you for a myriad of reasons (at least that has been my experience). But, when you have true friends, true love about you, the other foolishness sometimes slips beneath your radar."

--Baye McNeil, interviewed by Tokyo Metropolis