Living in Nagoya

Living in Nagoya, I lived here for 6 months when I first came to Japan. Nagoya is a city of wide boulevards and a little bit slower paced than Osaka or Tokyo.

(Pictured above, a little bridge in Mizuho Ku)

I joined an international soccer team and made many friends from not only Japan, but Europe and even Jordan.

The Nagoya International Center always had a lot going on, and was a great place to find Japanese teachers, where the latest internation parties would be and other news.

There are a range of events offered at the

Nagoya International Center.

First Impressions of Aichi

At 6AM Enka music that would wake all the dead in a Stephen King novel, rang out from the old, tinny Nagoya youth hostel speakers. Apparently it was time to get up. After a cheap, but grueling 30 hour journey (with various stop overs), Korean airlines had finally deposited me in Nagoya, Japan. Next I was whisked away to this youth hostel by seven Japanese women.

I Will Never, Ever Touch The English Department Director Again!

From almost the first day of working at the college I was warned,

"Don't ever touch Craig."

Even Craig himself had warned me. There were stories of full-grown teachers, being spanked over Craig's lap for transgressing his personal space.

"You're joking?" I said one day to Cathy.

She wasn't.


Is a magazine about Nagoya. It lists the coming events, what to do for nightlife and even has a classifieds section for jobs and other announcements. Nagoya`s Magazine - NagMag

News from Nagoya

Kakinuma Seikeigeka Rehabilitation Clinic

Is a clinic in Nagoya that has doctors and staff who speak English.

Tel. 052-701 6801

They are open everyday except Wed and Sunday.


(〒465-0086)愛知県名古屋市名東区代万町3丁目11-1 Kakinuma Seikeigeka Rehabilitation Clinic

There are many English speaking doctors, dentists, midwives and acupuncturists. A good idea is to ask friends and colleagues for recommendations, as they will have heard who is good and who is not. You can also check out a list of practitioners.

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