Living in Thailand

My brother experienced living in Thailand for 12 years and loved it. I have visited this beautiful country twice and enjoyed the people, the food and the beautiful scenery. The shopping is pretty good too!

Museums of Bangkok

The Bangkok Doll Museum is very famous and located on Soi Ratchataphan (Soi Mo Leng) off Ratchaprarop Road in the Pratunam area.

Bangkok, although not particularly known for its arts galleries and museums, does have several which present different facets of Thailand`s fascinating history and culture during its development into a modern nation. The Bangkok Doll Museum is not the only one of note.

The Drug Problem

Provinces of Thailand, sandwiched between the converging frontiers of Laos, Burma, and Thailand is an area known to the world as the Golden Triangle. Populated by hilltribes, the region has enjoyed the dubious distinction of being one of the world`s major opium growing centers. Politics and economics have contributed to this status. The hilltribes, with few alternatives to the easily grown opium poppy, have traditionally practised slash and burn agriculture, planting their opium fields in the soils of the northern hills.

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