Martial Arts in Japan

by Kevin R Burns
(Kanagawa, Japan)

Martial arts in Japan: aikido, karate, judo, shorinji kempo and other fighting arts practiced in Japan.

Many people come to Japan for the purpose of studying the martial arts of Japan. Some end up teaching English or engaging in other work to support themselves, but their primary purpose was to come to Japan to practice aikido, karate or one of the other martial arts.

A friend of mine has entered some karate tournaments for example, and after studying it in Japan for a while longer, wants to go back to the USA to teach it.

Indeed, the martial arts promote health, both physical and spiritual, as well as cultivating self-defence. It is a great way of embarking on personal development.

Martial Arts in Japan -- Shorinji Kempo

My wife Ikumi, is a blackbelt in shorinji kempo. So I do a lot of housework!!!! "No Ikumi, no! Don`t flip me again!!!!"

My sons and daughter also practice shorinji kempo. I practice my backhand (in tennis). Never backhand a blackbelt!

While a martial art, shorenji kempo like many martial arts was established as a system of self-improvement training. I think it is safe to say that it is a system of concentration and it is a very defensive martial art.

One of the first rules they teach is if you can avoid a fight,do so. If you cannot, then run! If you cannot run, then hold your attacker until help arrives. Then if you cannot,you must defend yourself while trying not to injure your attacker too badly.

This makes a lot of sense as in Japan there is not a lotof grass or soft earth to fall on in the urban areas. So if you or someone else goes down on concrete, someone is apt to get hurt badly.

Shorenji kempo is a beautiful martial art when practiced well. I enjoy watching the family practice in our loft.

And yes, I do a lot of housework after watching them!

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