Miss Universe Japan

by Kevin R Burns
(Kanagawa, Japan)

Miss Universe Japan: the beautiful Japanese women of the Miss Universe Pageant.

Another beautiful Japanese, Kurara Chibana came a close second in 2006. Chibana is very, very beautiful.

Riyo Mori in 2007 won the Miss Universe title in Mexico City.She is a ballet dancer from Shizuoka.

In 2008 Hiroko Mima won the Japanese title. She placed in the top 15 in Vietnam.

Maiko Itai from Oita Prefecture was also a Miss Japan.

Be sure to check out the official website.

Pictured: a beautiful Japanese model on the beach

The women of Miss Universe Japan tend to not be the typical women you see on the street of course. Okay what an obvious statement! But hear me out. What I mean is that most Japanese women are petite and some are 165-170cms tall, but your average Japanese Miss Universe candidate will be 180cms tall or a little under or over that. Women of this size are extremely rare here.

Riyo Mori is a very beautiful woman but would stare me in the eye (almost). I am 185cms tall.

Plus to win Miss Universe, these Japanese women take on a more exotic "Asian," look. Or push the samurai aura to win.

I`m not complaining, I`m just saying.

There are all kinds of Japanese women. They have different body types, eye sizes and shapes, and of course they have different preferences in fashion and hair styles. So there is a large variety of women here, in spite of what you might think when it comes to typical stereotypes of Japanese women ("back home.")

Pictured: Riyo Mori, courtesy of Wikipedia.org

Ines Ligron has been responsible for coaching some of the Japanese contestants for the pageant and the results have certainly been much better the last few years. With two Japanese placing 1 and 2 in recent pageants. Ligron did a lot of work with Riyo Mori and Kurara Chibana. Both women are very beautiful and Ligron helped to bring that beauty out for the judges.

Japanese women in general, I find very beautiful. Many have the big brown eyed toothpaste commercial good looks. The women have grown taller but are still slim. Their diet is very good and Japanese still eat a lot of fish and vegetables. Two things I should eat more of (as I stare at my gut!)

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