More of What I like about Japan

by Kevin R Burns
(Kanagawa, Japan)

More of What I like about Japan

I`m from Canada and I love the politeness of the store clerks here. I am often surprised by the surliness of store clerks back in the Vancouver area, but it is rare to experience that in Japan. In fact if you ever experience it here, it is so rare, that it is quite shocking.

Japan is very clean. The water, the streets and the people. It is rare to see graffiti or trash.

You see trash on certain main roads that have traffic jams, but other than those, it is rare to see a street full of garbage.

I love that too.

Cherry blossoms, the funny names - Pokari Sweat, Calpis Soda...fukuppy and others.

It is a very safe country overall and a good place to raise children.

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