More People of the Philippines are Coming to Japan

by Kevin R Burns
(Kanagawa, Japan)

More People of the Philippines are Coming to Japan

As often happens in Japan, things change slowly. Often they are not even discussed, the change just slowly happens until one day you realize it.

This happened over many years with smokers in Japan. Back in the 1990`s I wrote a comedy piece about smokers in Japan. It was published in The Vancouver Sun and my blog about living in Japan. Now you would not understand what I was talking about, as the situation has changed so much. The piece is more apt to reflect the situation of smoking in Italy or France, much more than Japan. There was a quiet revolution, and now smokers are in the minority and health concerns are at the forefront.

Though immigration is talked about. Some Japanese are not in favour of it. But like the smoking situation above, it is happening regardless of official policy, and Japan is changing as a result.

Japanese are increasingly marrying non-Japanese, plus some non-Japanese come to Japan to train (as medical personnel or for companies) and they never leave.

Then many people from different countries are helping to change Japan for the better, making Japan a bit more global, a bit more friendly, a bit more open, and a bit more tolerant. The people of the Philippines are perhaps at the forefront of that, partly because of their numbers, and partly just because of their natural friendliness. They stand out in a very positive way.

Japanese tend to be a bit reticent to talk with others from a different country. They can even be reticent with each other.

The People from the Philippines are changing Japan for the better. Making her more international and teaching Japanese English. There are thousands of them in Japan now, thousands of them are members of the teaching groups here, and you can see many of them at every ETJ conference. Indeed, they infuse everything with their well known enthusiasm.

Japan is a great country. We all know that. It is a great place to live and raise children. But the foreigners here, add a certain spice to the Japanese dish that makes it that much better. Japan is great on her own, but even greater because of the spice brought from around the world by the people of the world.

Great ideas and innovation rarely occur in isolation on a mountain top. They are shared and occur when the time is ripe.

The Japanese government has been discussing plans for allowing increased immigration. I think the people of the Philippines would be a welcome addition! -With their charm and friendliness. Plus they can help Japan be more international. My friends and I were discussing this the other day.

I had the pleasure of meeting the people of this interesting country when I went to Manila and Mindanao, great people and country!

I think aisatsu is a very important word in Japanese. It means greeting. The Philippines is a nation of people that know how to greet you. Japan could learn a lot from their friendliness and their land of humour and smiles.

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