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I first was in Japan more than 20 years ago--and worked as a journalist at the Japan Times as well as teaching English.

I last went there three years ago,for about 6 months.

But now,the national demand for a degree seems more intractable than it used to be. I have done some university studies,but they were not degree courses. And at this stage,I am definitely not going to spend four years to satisfy dogmatic bureaucrats.

So...............CAN I teach there without a degree (no question mark on this keyboard!....)
Of course I would be interested in teaching at your schools if possible!!

Any advice much appreciated.

Thank You
Best Regards,..........Angus White.

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Aug 10, 2012
My Opinion on the Need for a Degree
by: Kevin R Burns

In my opinion, the short answer is yes. But I think the jobs that you would be restricted to are few, low paying, and not worth your time.

Even if you have a degree, the job offerings are not nearly as good as you will remember from your time here.

Check the adds here and at Ohayo Sensei and see what they are asking for. Most want the degree.

Frankly if it were me, I wouldn`t come without a degree if I wanted to teach in Japan.

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