Non-Teaching Opportunity in Japan

by Sally Ingram
(California, USA)

Want to make money and help people stay healthy?

Some good friends of mine are doing well with Usana

They have encouraged me to join with them, and I haven`t simply as I am too busy teaching and working on my websites. However it does seem to be an interesting opportunity. I will let Derrick and Sally Ingram tell it in their own words:

Welcome to this new and exciting opportunity, we have a great new online video that explains it all, take your time and view this video link and make a list of questions... Once you are ready please contact us and we will be happy to answer them for you.

This has been a great opportunity for our family from a health and freedom perspective and welcome you to explore the

Usana opportunity with us.

Sally & Derrick Ingram

Email them at: theingrams at

Learn More:

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