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Nova English School - The chances are, the first school you will teach English in Japan with, will be one of the larger schools like Nova, Geos, Aeon,Gaba or ECC. These schools hire the most teachers by far.

A friend of mine who was studying for his MA in TEFL enjoyed teaching for Nova and didn`t understand why others didn`t. This was the former Nova school that went bankrupt then was taken over by Nagoya based G. Communication.

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Another friend from America also enjoyed his two years at this school.

Some of course have not enjoyed teaching for this company.

Read more about this large school on this page and check them out at their website to try to discern whether they would be a good fit for you.

I like having the same students each class as I get to know them well and vice versa. That would be my only concern if I were to teach for G. education Nova. As students make appointments for classes, you don`t have the same students all the time necessarily.

That said, the small classes will allow you to get to know them much more quickly than some of the larger classes at other English schools or universities.

The new G. Communication owned school has kept the same basic system, where students book English lessons at times that are convenient for them.

At Nova they teach English and Chinese.

Nova used to be the largest English school in Japan, with schools numbering in the 100s. It is a shadow of its former self.

G.Communication (Nova) operates some restaurant chains some jukus (or cram schools) and of course the new Nova English Schools "G education Nova."

Advantages of Nova’s system of learning

"Instructors teach small group classes.

Lessons are taught in the target language only – no translation is used.

There are many opportunities to practice and apply the language being studied.

Students have an individual file and lessons are planned to cater to personal learning needs.

Study systems are flexible and convenient to use; lessons are affordable, and students have the option of combining different courses, languages and study locations."

--from the G education Nova Homepage

About Nova (G. education Nova)

"Nova (formerly Nova Group) was the largest[2] eikaiwa school (private English teaching companies) in Japan until its widely publicized collapse in October 2007."

Have you or a friend taught at Nova Eikaiwa School?

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