Nursing Group Project Presentation

by Kevin Burns
(Machida, Japan)

Nursing Group Project Presentation

As a group, speak in front of the class for 3-5 minutes, and teach us something.

Important Points

-eye contact /5
-did you teach us something (educational) /5
-was it interesting for other students /5
-clear voice, loud enough /5

Total Points: 20/20 20/20

Possible Topics:

- Your topic idea!!!!! (your ideas are the best)

But if you cannot think of a topic, here are some examples:

- Tell us about a Nurse you Admire & Why

- Florence Nightingale: who was she? What did she do? Why is she so famous?

- Tell us about a hospital you admire and why

- Teach us some English for Nursing

- Tell us about your favourite book(s) about Nursing

- Tell us about your favourite TV shows or movies about Nursing. Why do you like them?

- The Future of Nursing: what will nursing be like in 10 years? in 20 years? in 30-50 years? Will we use robots? If so, how?

-The History of Nursing
What was Nursing like 100 years ago in Japan? or in Europe? or in the USA?

*Each topic must be different! Two groups cannot do the same topic! So choose your topic as quickly as you can, and start working on your presentation.

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