On Being Strict

by John Bravo
(Kansai, Japan)

I teach English at a private junior,senior high school in Japan. A couple of the teachers are very strict. Probably too strict in the opinion of some of us.

I`m sure these strict teachers think they are doing the right thing. They perhaps feel they are whipping the students into shape--and if they don`t do it who will?

The Cost of this However is the Following:

Teachers like me get to teach them after their berating in
homeroom. They are teenagers, they need some opportunities to spread their wings or rebel. For us
gentle, warm, kind and fun teachers, it is in our class that they choose to do this.

Instead of whipping the students into shape, these teachers are causing problems for others. They should
allow the students to rebel a little bit. It is an
important part of growing up.

The students will be who they are no matter what, but these strict teachers cause them to displace their
energy and rebelliousness on other teachers.

Which is a shame and I bet the strict teachers have no idea that this happens.

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Oct 31, 2017
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Jun 28, 2010
by: Kevin Burns

I first came across Japanese style assault in
Vancouver. I worked for the summer program at
Columbia College and I was getting into the tour
bus. We were taking mostly Japanese students
and showing them around Vancouver on the first day
of the program.

As I got into the bus, a Japanese male student
stuck his finger (outside my pants) --but into my anus and said happily, "Koncho."

I was so shocked and spun around and
exclaimed, "what are you doing!?"

I thought this guy has got to be strange. But I
was told (not ever having been to Japan), that a lot of the kids like to do that--stick their fingers up another person`s butt, and triumphantly state: "koncho."

This guy was around 20 years old though! I have
never seen anyone that old do it to someone they
have just met --in Japan. Little boys love to do it to each other and to their English teacher though so if you come to teach here, you have been warned.

I learned quickly not to bend over while teaching
little boys in Japan! Or turn my back.

I sell corks if you are interested.

Be careful out there!

Jun 26, 2010
Just hit him!
by: Rudy

One year in the 90s, Nova began teaching kids. Some time later, a deferential ECC leader made his pronouncement: I'ma gonna teach kids, too!!

Teaching kids is fun except for all the germs and getting hit in the privates. I learned the word 'oppai' from my co-worker. It was part of the all-too-real term 'oppai-punchi'. I experienced 'kin-tama-punchi'. Many times. (Tip: Never let the kid see you flinch!)

I remember telling this one mother to ask her kid to knock it off! She laughed for her own reasons. She told me to just hit her kid back. Straight faced, too! "Listen, lady, I don't wanna hit your kid... I'm suppose that I'm asking YOU to hit your kid." Doh!

Through experience, I came to learn that "time out" for the young rowdies was devastatingly effective. Try it! No kids wants to be singled out in Japan-- even for praise! Naturally if one kid smacks another attend to the smackee before the smacker.

That said, I was not averse to physically lifting a naughty/dangerous kid up in the air and placing him in the corner. I could and did. Try that in an early class and save yourself some trouble later on!

IMHO, the parents think that they are paying for discipline as well as language tuition. YOU must provide it to construct their kid's little Japanese soul. That is my take...

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