On ETJ English Teachers in Japan

by David Paul and Kevin Burns
(Hiroshima, Japan)

ON ETJ English Teachers in Japan:

ETJ or English Teachers in Japan, was started by David Paul.  If you don`t know them yet, you really should!  They put on many workshops and conferences throughout Japan and the price to attend is reasonable.  But please support the bookstore, as that is one way to give back to this organization that gives so much to teachers.

David Paul says this about ETJ`s Book Service:

I have added lots of materials, improved the speed and efficiency of systems, and added automated credit card and PayPal to the existing payment methods such as cash on delivery.

The success of this bookstore is very important to make it possible for me to support teachers through ETJ and Language Teaching Professionals. If there is anything you can do to spread the word about the site, I would really appreciate it.

It is also possible for ETJ members with self-developed materials to sell them through the site without paying any commission. If you know of anybody who may benefit from taking advantage of this, please put them in touch with me.


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