On Simul Academy

On Simul Academy, you could teach English in Japan at this school which is reputedly one of the better larger schools in Japan. Though they have had some trouble with the General Unionit has been reported in the media. So check out everythingabout Simul before you apply!

On Simul Academy

My friend Mike Montesa said Simul Academy was a good school. He enjoyed teaching for Simul in the Tokyo area. He felt they were professional.

(Pictured: The Iya Valley by Devanshe Chauhan)

Mark Sommers also likes Simul Academy

By Mark Sommers

Students have asked me on more than one occasion why I choose to teach at Simul Academy. I would like to take this opportunity to explain in some detail the reasons why I have made this choice and why I enjoy working here so much.After giving it some serious thought, I have come to recognize three basic reasons. The first reason being, I prefer to be able to take pride in my place of employment. Simul Academy has a well-established reputation for providing quality education with clear, achievable linguistic goals. This leads me to the second reason for being here: the faculty and staff. These are the people who are responsible for the professional level of education Simul offers, and more importantly, for continuing to build upon it. They work together to provide a support system for individuals and bring a diverse range of personal experience into the workplace. The net result is a rich environment that can lead to both personal and professional development not to mention a truly creative place to work.

This brings me to the third and most important reason for teaching here: the students that choose to study at Simul Academy. As a teacher, the people I work with most intimately are the students and, as such, they are my greatest source of job satisfaction. Unlike university courses, which are pretty much drawn from the same demographic pool or company classes where the participants are all products of the same corporate culture, Simul students bring into the classroom an incredible range of backgrounds, insights, and personal experience. They also all share a strong desire to improve their English-language skills and a willingness to make every effort towards increasing their fluency and self-expressiveness. A teacher couldn’t ask for more.

I guess the short answer to the original question of why I teach at Simul is, because it is FUN! I consider myself incredibly lucky to be able to spend my time doing what I love to do (teach) with people who feel the same way about what they do whether they are faculty, staff or students. So, when you hear me say “my pleasure”, you can believe me, because it is true.

Mark Sommers

--from the Simul Academy homepage

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