On Using Settlers of Catan in the EFL Class

by Kevin R Burns

On Using Settlers of Catan in the EFL Class

Settlers of Catan can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your EFL classroom. One way to use this award winning game is as an inspiration for some creative writing.

Activity 1:

Write a paragraph about life on Catan. Imagine what life is like on the island of Catan. What is the island like, describe its geography and climate. Would you like to live there? Why?/Why not? How do the people of Catan earn a living? (What jobs do they do?)
What do they eat? If you were to live there, which job would you prefer? Farmer, robber, logger, miner, shepherd, stone mason architect or what? (150-300 words)

Activity 2:

Write a play about life on Catan. Some ideas: Maybe the robber has come to your village and stolen from a villager. Or another Catan island event. Maybe a friend gets lost in the desert and needs to be found. Or a natural disaster, typhoon, earthquake or other event. Write about it. Try to memorize your lines and perform the drama in front of the class.
(5-6 minutes per group)

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