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Online Christmas Games, activities for your classroom Christmas party.

The famous holidays come but once a year, however they are gifts to the ESL teacher, as they are a ready made theme for a classroom party. And class parties have benefits that go beyond the day they are held. They held classmates and the teacher to bond. Your regular classes often work better in the months following a party.

a Mexican & Italian Christmas Party Idea

"Although the Piñata was originally from Italy, it has become a Mexican tradition for celebrations where there are children involved. The Piñata was made out of a clay pot and decorated with crepe paper in different colors. Today's piñatas are made out of cardboard and paper mache techniques and decorated with crepe paper. This change was made to prevent the children from cutting their hands when going for the fruit and candy when the Piñata was broken and the clay piece would become a hazard. They have all kinds of designs besides the traditional star."

Our Class Christmas Parties

Bashing the Heck out of a Pinata

Our class parties have usually had a pinata made from paper plates at both ends, tin foil on the outside and paper on the inside. Eventually one of the children manages to break it, and a lot of candies and confetti fly down. We usually have two--which is like some of the kindergarten festivals in Japan.

In Japan they have two teams and they compete to see who can break it first. It adds to the fun.

If you choose to blindfold the student it can turn into an English practice activity go straight, turn left, up, hit etc. Pre-teach the children the commands.

Gift Exchange

In Japan we have many 100 Yen shops (1 dollar shops) and we have the children get a gift from there for a gift exchange. The price limit is 500 Yen or less. The gifts must be wrapped and we have about five extra gifts on hand, as always a few children forget to bring one. We pass the gifts around to a Christmas song and wherever it stops, that is the gift you receive. It`s fun!

Christmas Fruit Basket

Set up a circle of chairs, start with chairs for everyone, but take out one chair each round so a chair is missing. Separate the students into elves, Santas, deer, Rudolphs, and call out one of these categories:


All the elves have to get up and find a different chair. But you have taken one chair away so one of them is out.

You do have to be careful with this game. Some of the children take it pretty seriously, and can cry at times. Good for older children but not as much for the youngest ones.

Christmas Sing a long

I play guitar, so we have sometimes sung Christmas songs. Again pre-teaching is pretty important. Pre-teach the song then sing it at the party. You can of course sing a long to a CD.

Online Christmas Games

Kaboose has all Kinds of Online Christmas Games

As well as the Xmas games they have at their site, they offer craft videos that teach you how to make pinatas and other fun crafts that can be used in your class parties.

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Squigley`s Playhouse

Has a lot of action games with a Christmas theme. For example the Santa Rush is a driving game with Santa as the driver. I guess Rudolph had a cold that day!

Play some Christmas actions games.

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