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Online English Grammar Lessons, a Letter to the Editor:

"Good morning. Actually, I feel very attracted to the idea of starting to teach English online. I have always taught in schools and companies to adults, but I would like to add this new way of teaching. Can you tell me how to start? Thanks a lot for your cooperation!"

--Silvina from Argentina wrote

English teacher Karen Bond of Montreal, Canada explains:

"The online school is a relatively new concept for many EFL teachers but, in fact, it is an increasingly popular English-learning tool for students all around the world. I have been an online teacher for more than three years, and it still amazes me that I teach students as far away as Korea, China, Brazil, Mexico, Germany and Egypt, to name but a few. And remember, this is not email instruction; these classes are live."

How to teach ESL Online?

Silvina you are not alone, thousands of teachers are now teaching online, as the students can potentially come from anywhere in the world, and if you are located in a tiny town, that doesn`t mean you cannot get students anymore.

How do you start to teach English Online?

I recommend getting some training like TEFL Certification and some actual teaching experience. Silvina it sounds like you have both. If not you can get your TEFL training online.

You could start your own website and advertise for students that way, but I think it will be slow going.

I recommend doing a search at Bing, Yahoo or Google for online English schools or online English students, then apply to teach for one of the schools, or advertise yourself at one of the services that list teachers.

Jonathan has his own website advertising his "high quality Skype English lessons." You may want to make a website like his.

Remember that most students are interested in online English lessons not to listen to you speak, but to get chances to speak with English speakers around the world. They may have few chances to do this, so shut up! And listen to them. We teachers love to talk. Don`t we?!

Be like a talk show host. Your student is the star! Keep them talking about their favorite subject - themselves. Ask them interesting questions about their interests and keep them talking as much as possible. Then they will come back for more.

Keep the technology you use simple. Don` t let the technology get in the way of the conversation. Skype seems like a safe bet, and many people use it and are familiar with it.

You could sign up for a service like Teach English Language Spirit.They say it is free to sign up and hopefully you could get some students through them.

Online English

Offers teachers to students all over the world. They seem like a professionally run company. This would be another online school you could apply to.


Is another service where you can register yourself, your prices and what kind of English lessons you offer. How soon you will get students is the question. Read the fine print. It is probably free for teachers, but check it out and be sure.

Verbal Planet

Helps teachers and students to find each other. VP says you can:

* Set your own rates

* You pay no fees

* You teach when you want to

* You can teach clients all over the world

* You get paid via Pay Pal.

Learn more at Verbal Planet

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Teaching Online English Grammar Lessons

English teacher Karen Bond of Montreal, Canada teachers online English grammar lessons, and states:

"A big problem for many learners of English is that they do not have the opportunity to use their newly-acquired English skills in an authentic setting. In other words, they have no contact with native-speakers of English, and have little reason to speak it. In addition, due to the pressures of work or family, they may not have time to attend a regular English class, or to travel to an English-speaking country. The online school is, therefore, the perfect alternative for them."