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Online ESL Games I Recommend

by Cheema Beckham

Teachers are given one of the most important assignments by God and that is to teach new things, ideas and thoughts, to the coming generation. The prime examples of the zenith of this profession were Prophets, who were sent to Earth to spread the message of Almighty God.

Carl Gustav Jung, a Swiss influential thinker, believed, “One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child.”

Teaching ESL can be a fun-filled profession if you love it from the core of your heart. Apart from teaching with zeal and passion, there are various techniques which help instructors in developing the interest of their students in class. Such techniques include the use of ESL flash cards, online games, work sheets, puzzles and short stories. Using these materials effectively can be very useful for the ESL teachers in Japan and everywhere else on the globe.

One common problem which ESL teachers face while teaching older ESL students is that their students have too many things on their minds. Troubles at home or work can prevent them from concentrating fully in class.

Earning an income for the family, paying utility bills, paying school fees for children and buying groceries are some of these dilemmas. As an ESL teacher, you need to develop different strategies to help them in concentrating on the subject of the day in your class..

One of the most helpful strategies, that have helped me a lot in my ESL teaching career, is the use of online ESL games to attract the full attention of my students. I have seen fully-grown adults playing ESL games like kids and in the process learning a lot of new material. Some of the online ESL games I recommend are:-

ESL Games World. ESL Games World is one of my personal favorites. It hosts a large number of ESL games for students of all ages and interests. The games vary from grammar games, vocabulary games, reading games to singing games. However I recommend snakes, ladders, hangman and wheel games. You can even find printable board games and PowerPoint games here.

ESL Online Learning Games. I recommend ESL Kid Stuff for younger students or beginners. This website hosts simple yet interesting games to teach alphabets, numbers and basic concepts of English grammar.

MES Games. Many different ESL games can be found on this website. Grammar and vocabulary games are particularly interactive here. Some of my personal recommendations including basketball, golf and vocabulary builders.

English Club ESL Games. English Club is one of the most loved websites by ESL teachers. The ESL games hosted by the site cover a variety of subjects and topics. The games are very interactive and fun-filled. I would recommend the crossword games and jumbled words games be given due attention.

ESL Games. If somehow you do not get an interesting ESL game from the above list then you must visit this site. It offers a unique list of a number of different websites offering ESL games and other online educational games.

I am sure that these online ESL games will help you to harness the minds and thoughts of your students and keep them going in the right direction, (while taking them away from the worries of this mortal world.)

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