Online Spelling Games

Online Spelling Games - there is so much available online for you and your students now.

by Khal Alikson

If you want to teach someone spelling, one of the best things touse is a game. Spelling, vocabulary and grammar are very boring, so children tend to avoid studying them. But if you add fun to them children will learn. I have been an English teacher and I have seen it - that kids only learn when they enjoy. Here are some online spelling games that you can suggest to your students.

These spelling games online are totally free to play:

Hang Mau

You have played the traditional hangman; do you remember the fun it is saving that man from hanging? Hang Mau is a different version of hangman, the game is fun to play and easy. Games like this ought to improve the spelling of your students.

Book Worm

The game is excellent and innovative. At first it seems like a cross word. Crosswords are boring; further, crosswords do not contribute much to the improvement of spelling. In this game you have to combine the adjacent alphabet letters to make English words. The longer words you make the higher score you will get.

Text Twist

This also is a different and innovative game. In this game the player is given a set of alphabet letters (5-6) and he has to make as many words as he can out of those letters. While playing this game the player must stress correct spelling, -- which is very good.

Text Express

The game is very similar to Text twist, the only difference is that there is a competition between two trains, the red train is yours and the other one is the blue train, if you want to reach the station first you will have to continuously submit words out of the set of letters provided to you.

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