About the Oricon Rankings of English Schools in Japan

On the Oricon Rankings: Some of the best schools to teach for are the Mom and Pop operations, the family owned schools that are small and relatively unknown. Oricon never interviewed the students of Conrad`s English House nor Richard Burton`s Montana English House for example.

Yet I know first hand that they are great schools to work for or study at. I have met the teachers and students of both of these schools.

Unfortunately, most of the smaller schools are not prominent enough to be included in studies like Oricon`s, yet some of them may in fact be the best places to teach in Japan. Often gems go unnoticed.

It is still worth it however to check out the Oricon Rankings.

Salaries and Working Hours

Oricon ranks English schools mostly for Japanese thinking of studying at one of the large chain schools. Whilst the list is not really for English teachers, it does give one an idea of the quality of each school as perceived by customers and Oricon.

It is often difficult for teachers to compare the strengths and weaknesses of each prospective employer. Are you wondering how some of the large chain schools stack up in terms of salary and working hours?

Oricon Ranks English Conversation Schools

"Oricon Ranks English Conversation SchoolsOricon Inc, famous for movie and music rankings has started the "Oricon Satisfaction Ranking Corner" as a benchmark test for eikaiwa (English conversation) schools and other English related institutions and announced their list of the top ten eikaiwa schools in terms of customer satisfaction. One-to-One Eikaiwa School 7act claimed the top position, followed by British Council and Simul Academy. The top ranked large traditional chain eikaiwa was Shane English School, coming in at number four overall, beating out the likes of ECC, Nova and GEOS.

To conduct the survey, Oricon questioned professionals in their twenties or above via the Internet on their experience with eikaiwa schools within the past three years. The survey focused primarily on teacher quality, staff behavior, and class level assessment. There was a total of 9,001 valid votes. The ranking list will be re-released biannually.

Oricon has been actively promoting their ranking results to the schools as a new form of affiliate marketing, offering to introduce students directly to schools that make the list. Schools reaching an agreement with Oricon will be able to advertise on their website beginning on the 1st of September."

--from ELT News

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