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Peppy Kids Club Teach English with PKC they have schools all over Japan. I see them everywhere. They teach children so I`m sure they are looking for "genki," teachers! Genki is Japanese for a number of terms in English including, energetic, enthusiastic and others. It is a great word!

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"The salary a teacher receives depends upon the nature of their visa. Those with a Working Visa or similar visa earn a gross salary of 250,000yen per month. Teachers with other visas earn a gross salary of 215,000 yen per month."

--from the PKC Homepage

I don`t like the latter part of this quote so much.

Why should the salary be different depending on the visa you have?

Maybe the working hours are less for people with other visas, hence the salary is less? Ask them if you are interested.

One of our readers, Margaret Smyth answers this by Email:

"I wanted to mention that I know many people working for Peppy Kids and they have only good things to say about it. I noticed your concern about how they pay people with working holiday visas less- my boyfriend is in this situation and I think there is actually a valid reason behind this. They hire people with working holiday visas as a way to accommodate people who have an associates degree or 2 years of University education so the lower pay reflects less time spent studying."

I gather they won`t sponsor?

Peppy Kids seems to be a very popular school with teachers. That is a great thing. The smart companies in Japan know that if their employees are generally happy their students will be too.

"On average, teachers spend between 18 and 24 hours teaching per week. Our workday generally starts in the mid to late afternoon and runs into the evening, leaving mornings free. Teachers are required to attend area and staff meetings (usually twice a month) and participate in the workshops and projects that take place in their area. Staff meetings may take place on the morning of a regular teaching day. Having a staff meeting on a regular teaching day may make for a long day from time to time, but the reward teachers receive from sharing with their peers makes it more than worthwhile. PKC teachers enjoy plenty of time to pursue other interests, such as studying Japanese, exploring the area they live, or becoming involved in their community."

--from the Peppy Kids Club Homepage

Peppy Kids Club is probably a good choice for those on a working holiday visa or a student visa that allows you to work part-time.

Check out Peppy Kids if you would love teaching children.

"Our foreign Native teachers work independently. PKC classrooms are also completely independent with no regular on-site support personnel. Teachers are given a map and key to the classroom and work alone and unsupervised from the time they open the door to the time they close it again at the end of the day. This means we put a great deal of trust in our teaching staff and rely on their personal integrity and responsibility to ensure the highest quality of education is delivered. For some of our younger students a Japanese teacher may attend the lesson in a support role. Bilingual materials are in every classroom to help with common communication issues between the students, parents, and Native teacher. In our Nagoya Head Office bilingual staff are only a phone call away in case any problems arise."

--Peppy Kids Club Homepage

You would have to decide if the above was for you. Personally I would like this. But I know of many teachers, especially those new to Japan that would like more support than the (above) quote suggests.

I have heard from a few teachers who have enjoyed their time at Peppy Kids.

PKC: Peppy Kids Club

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Some testimonials from former teachers:

"i had no experience whatsoever and knew no Japanese and worked at a place called Peppy Kids Club. the best place by the way, I'd love to go back. if u apply, apply for full time because everyone does the same hours but full time gets more pay Good Luck!"

--Posted at the ESL Teachers Board Forum

Have you or a friend taught for Peppy Kids Club?

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