Physics Vocabulary Students Should Know

Physics Vocabulary Students Should Know

by Cheema Beckham

“Vocabulary” is always referred to an assortment or a list of words or phrases of a language. It may be specified by making a list of words or phrases for a particular subject, field or any area of interest. Some of the examples can be a list of words used in a particular subject like: Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Mathematics.

A vocabulary list of a particular subject in English can come very handy for an ESL student and can ease his way through the tough journey of learning a new subject as well as a new language. For a student learning English as a secondary language in Japan, Thailand or Jordan, it is very important to get a list of words used in Physics before starting to learn it. He must also know the corresponding word in his own language, so that he can relate them with his previous knowledge.

In this article, I shall be telling you some of the most useful practices that you can follow to get the best out of vocabulary learning, and I shall be restricting myself to the words of vocabulary of physics that tudents should know.

So here are some of the beneficial tips that can help the ESL students in learning the Physics vocabulary in a short time:-

• Before starting your classes for Physics learning, you must refresh your knowledge about Physics terms in your own language.

• Get the list of terms that are commonly used in Physics in English and print them on paper using your personal printer. You can find this list from an online resource. A large list of Physics vocabulary students should know, can be found at English for Students – Science Words. You can find a list of 568 words that are commonly used in studying Physics.

• Relate these words to the corresponding words in your own language and write the corresponding word in front of each word in your list.

• You will find it amusing that by just going through the above process you will manage to memorize some of the Physics vocabulary words in English. You will find that a few of these words will be quite similar to your language as well.

• You can go through the same process for finding the words for Chemistry, Biology or any other subject’s vocabulary and get a head start in your class from the beginning.Learning a new subject is an easy affair when you know the basic terms used in the subject. It becomes even easier because you have already studied those terms in your own language and understand the exact meaning of those terms.

By simply relating your past knowledge to the terms used in English language, you can enhance your comprehension level from zero to 80% at least. Words like acceleration, centre of gravity, velocity, wave length, reflection and nucleus are some of the examples and knowing them in English before the start of class, can be a huge advantage for an ESL student.

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